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Proven Safety Countermeasures

In January 2012, FHWA issued a “Guidance Memorandum on Promoting the Implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures.”  This guidance takes into consideration the latest safety research to advance the following nine proven safety countermeasures that have shown great effectiveness in improving safety:

  1. Roundabouts
  2. Corridor Access Management
  3. Backplates with Retroreflective Borders
  4. Longitudinal Rumble Strips and Stripes on Two-Lane Roads
  5. Enhanced Delineation and Friction for Horizontal Curves
  6. Safety EdgeSM
  7. Medians and Pedestrian Crossing Islands in Urban and Suburban Areas
  8. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
  9. Road Diets (Roadway Reconfiguration)

The implementation of these countermeasures will further the progress that has been made in recent years to reduce highway fatalities and injuries.  While there has been substantial progress in making our nation’s roads safer, more work remains until there are no fatalities.  These low-cost, high-yield, data-proven countermeasures will help states and local agencies make their roads safer and continue the downward trend in our nation’s highway fatality total.

Among the 20 Proven Safety Countermeasures are several crosscutting strategies that address multiple safety focus areas. Please visit for more information.

Click on one of the nine proven countermeasures above for more information and a downloadable fact sheet or contact the FHWA Office of Safety, California Division:

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